LOVING OTHERS – modelle der zusammenarbeit

Verlag für moderne Kunst 2022

The magazin „LOVING OTHERS – Models of collaboration“ is appearing on the occasion of the same-named exhibition at the Künstlerhaus Wien. The exhibition—curated by Christian Helbock und Dietmar Schwärzler—aims to help make artist groups and their different collaborative models and forms of social bonding and solidarity be productive, as well as to tell stories of constructive failure. The exhibition sees itself as an experimental field for observing and comparing collectives, artist groups, and even temporary collaborations in a differentiated and engaging way.
The publication, which is not intended as an exhibition catalogue, accompanies the show. It collects and presents discursive texts on the topic, additional material, further contributions by artists, and accompanying interviews. The publication is an independent, discursive collection of material and provides in-depth information on various forms of collaboration, individual groups or artistic practices for an interested audience.

With contributions by: Madeleine Bernstorff, Fehras, Femplak, Christian Helbock & Dietmar Schwärzler & Rhea Tebbich, Christian Höller, INVASORIX, Massa Lemu, Athambile Masola & Patrick  Mudekereza, Simon Mraz, Pay the Artist Now!, Agnieszka Pindera, Total Refusal, Hedwig Saxenhuber, Anna Spanlang & Mirjam Schweiger & Judith Rohrmoser & Jonida Laçi, Barbara Steiner, studio-itzo, Gerald Weber, WHW, u.a.